Strategic Plan

Message from the Executive Director

In August of 2011, the Executive Board and Staff of Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association (PCPA) completed a rigorous Strategic Planning exercise to ensure purposeful direction for the organization's future. During this session, PCPA's mission, values and goals were assessed and its strengths and weaknesses documented. From this, a detailed plan was created that would organize the Association vision and goals for the future. 

Strategic Plans are not static documents to be created and placed on the shelf.  Our Association must continue to monitor our progress toward the vision, to assess and adjust, and to redefine our objectives over time. Our values remain constant, but the environment in which we live and work will require us to revisit the Strategic Plan on an ongoing basis to ensure our relevance in a changing world.

While PCPA has enjoyed many successes since our founding in 1914, we face a number of challenges, from economic and technological to socio/demographic and political trends that affect our profession.  We believe opportunities exist to grow the organization, to increase our services, to strengthen relationships, and to create new partnerships.  We will pursue the opportunities with vigor and commitment.

We welcome the challenge of supporting another century of leadership excellence for Pennsylvania police executives, the law enforcement community, and the citizens of Pennsylvania.

Our Mission

The Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association mission is to promote excellence in service and expertise in law enforcement and public safety services, to advocate for Law Enforcement leaders, and to provide innovative programs and training for our members.

Our Vision

It is our vision to be regarded as a world class resource for professional Law Enforcement leadership and a respected voice for Pennsylvania’s law enforcement community. 

Our Values

  • Integrity. As law enforcement leaders, we are accountable for the manner in which we perform our professional duties.
  • Professionalism.  By adhering to standards and committing to continuous improvement, law enforcement agencies can provide the most effective level of services to their communities.  
  • Leadership. Being proactive, anticipating the societal challenges we will face, and being prepared to do what is necessary to protect and serve our citizens, will promote a safer community for our constituents.
  • Courage. We must always take the path that represents the actions that are true to our mission and values, in spite of the difficulties we confront.
  • Participation. The strength of our organization is based upon collaborative effort and the contributions of our members working for common goals.

The full PCPA Strategic Planning Document is available by contacting Association Headquarters.